3 Great 2017 Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

July 5th, 2017 by tpiadmin

We adore marketing campaigns. The initial idea, the concept, the spec, the execution, the results, the lot! There’s nothing better than seeing a great idea turn into a great campaign. We have scoured the internet for the very best of recent times. Ones that have caught our eye. Have a look below. We think you might like what you see and even grab a little bit of inspiration for your next execution


This campaign focused on its ability for those utilizing its services to more readily integrate into the local communities, as opposed to the tourists that have booked stays at traditional hotels. Its market research showed that 86% of its users wanted to experience the new city like a native inhabitant. The campaign was hosted on Facebook, Twitter, and heavily leveraged the multimedia capabilities of Instagram.

Land Rover: #WeDealinReal

Tapping into the rugby fever surrounding the British and Irish Lions New Zealand tour, this campaign by Land Rover, developed in conjunction with the agency FastTrack, promotes its brand while celebrating the players and sport. It succeeded through the encouragement of viewers to submit responses covering their own definitions of integrity, passion, and resilience. The end goal is to reward someone with a place on the tour.

Crayola Retires a Classic

Crayola made waves in the social media sphere by announcing that they were going to retire one of their iconic crayon colors from their 24-count box. They set up a giant box of crayons in Time Square, and had a countdown going on their website to March 31, 2017 (National Crayon Day) when they were going to announce live on Facebook which colour would be getting the ax. Engagement and buzz on social media was high, as Crayola encouraged people to share which color they hoped to keep around.



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