Coca Cola

The Printed Image are known for producing high end Point of Sale displays. This was evident in Coca Cola’s recent campaign. The brief was for Coca Cola and Sprite to be given strong visibility in a number of supermarkets across the country. This was achieved through best in class signage and eye catching display units in focal points across the stores. Particular emphasis was placed on movement and the revolving of drinks.

TPI’s innovation team which consists of the account manager of the particular brand, a member of TPI’s structural team, a member of the creative & design team and a member of TPI’s marketing department, meet to discuss large projects like this. From there a number of different concepts are derived and TPI’s structural team work on bringing these concepts to life before presenting them to the client. Once the ideas were set, TPI’s design team worked on tailoring artwork to fit the keylines provided by structural.

The roll out and installation was nationwide with the showcase pieces appearing in SuperValu Lucan, Dunnes Charlestown and Tesco Clarehall.