Denny Fire & Smoke

Have you seen the recent Point of Sale displays Goosebump designed and created for Denny’s new Fire & Smoke range? TPI were delighted to put our skills and expertise to good use to help Goosebump realise their vision for this exciting new product. Goosebump approached TPI to aid them in the implementation of this project. From there, TPI worked closely with TAP creations (part of the TPI Offering) for the roll out.

The range of cooked meats was inspired by the brand’s love of authentic fire-grilling, a popular tradition in the USA. Slow cooked and smoked over oak wood chips, the Fire & Smoke range is sure to inspire fellow meat lovers to get all fired up.

The passion behind this creation needed to be incorporated into the Point of Sale display, and Goosebump were determined to capture this spirit. They created a range of displays designed to make this passion clearly visible to shoppers. TPI’s Account Manager and members from the Structural and Design team helped Goosebump make this vision a reality.

The theme of the project was to give the illusion of an all American, fire-grilling BBQ. This was all to be designed whilst incorporating any in-store restrictions. Once these were outlined, the design team set about adapting Goosebump’s artwork to ensure everything fitted into place, while using movement and light to stand out more, especially in the challenging Chilled Aisle.

Battery-operated lights were used to enhance the appearance of the flames and ensure stand out. Branded header and floor graphics were combined with rotating aisle fins and wood-like bases to attract consumers and convey the concept behind Fire & Smoke.