A wheely good promotion!
Nature Valley

After completing 180km of gruelling cycling through spectacular scenery there was nowhere better to take in the nature than with a Nature Valley bar! At the recent Ring of Kerry bike race, Nature Valley were on standby to hand out lots of goodies to all of the participants and their families. The Printed Image partnered with the client to ensure maximum brand visibility on the day. Both the print and premiums divisions were involved in the project.

TPI Premiums were tasked with providing the branded clothing on the day – both for the event staff and also the cyclists that participated on the day. The staff wore embroidered hoodies and soft-shell jackets –stylish outerwear that promoted the product whilst being functional enough to weather the Kerry climes!

Supplying the bespoke cycling tops and shorts was a challenge that was a first for the Premiums team. The gear had to meet all of the requirements of a professional cyclist in terms of comfort and performance but also had to really stand out among all the other cyclists on the day. We worked with our design team to create a unique set of gear that we reckon must have been spotted from outer space!!!! Our client was absolutely delighted so job well done all around!

To reinforce brand presence and visibility, TPI supplied Nature Valley with banners, pop up stands, bunting, flags and free standing display units. The bright and fresh Nature Valley look was on display for all to see and know that a Nature Valley bar was never too far away!

Nature Valley also called on The Printed Image to create the imagery for a special photo booth which encouraged participants and spectators to get their pictures taken on the day. TPI also supplied printed souvenir frames to hold these photos.