Pepsi Max

This month TPI were given the chance to work on a fantastic project for Pepsi, alongside the talented guys in Eclipse Media. TPI were tasked with the print and installation of Vinyl on bus shelters around the Dublin area. Two were chosen as special builds for the campaign and we tied in with Eclipse for the finishing touches.

The result was a fantastic display, not only eye-catching, but interactive and a huge talking point for people around the city. Eclipse had cleverly constructed a 2m long can with a 1m diameter using Polystyrene foam covered in rubber. They then hand carved the ends using a hot knife to give the desired shapes. Icicles were then created from the same material to really finish the piece.

Then came the “piece de resistance”… Eclipse built a bespoke automatic vending machine into the 6 sheet panel. This was set to dispense a can of Pepsi MAX, timed using a digital display piece. This was set with a 5 minute delay so as not to be abused and it was refilled every day.

It really goes to show, with clever marketing and the right team, outdoor advertising really can be taken to the MAX!

The campaign was planned by OMD and PML.