Tic Tac – Ferrero ‘Shake it up’ 

Tic Tac teamed up with The Printed Image to create an eye catching product filled window display on Londis, Westmoreland Street, targeting the Giro d’Italia. Running for three weeks, the display comprised of over 2,500 packets of unique tri-coloured Tic Tac’s, facing directly onto the cycling route. Donna Griffin of Ferrero said “Tic Tac is bringing the Giro d’Italia to Londis, Westmoreland Street. Manufactured in Cork since 1976, the Ferrero confectionery brand has developed a limited edition Tic Tac to celebrate its connection with the Giro d’Italia and its Irish credentials.

This window theatre, in a key location in Dublin, was developed in partnership with The Printed Image and is one of the first initiatives in this campaign for Tic Tac.