Most of my colleagues in the Printed Image and I am sure some readers of these  blogs are probably fed up hearing about the MBA I did. The guys in my class were even more fed up hearing about The Printed Image as well!! I used the company as the basis for a lot of projects and class presentations and so my classmates and lecturers  know  nearly as much about TPI as I do at this stage.


Saying that though when I look back over the two years, my project groups were always delighted to have me on hand as they were amazed at the help we TPI could give no matter what the requirement. As the attached pictures show my ability to utilise the great design, printing and premiums services of the Printed Image over the two years of the course was a godsend.


From  design and print of Posters, reports , brochures ,invites  even the printed Golf Balls for the golf society outings……. you name it we did it. Right down to the shot of the graduation Dinner this, photo backdrop with sponsor’s logos as you see after any press event is actually a double width pull up banner ideal for conferences and events. It comes in a tube and pops up like a regular pull up. It is just double the width but is solid and looks great (which is more than can be said for the faces on the guys in the photos)! Despite all the stuff I learnt on the MBA one key take away so  was that you name it and TPI can do it.

Last Blog on the MBA I promise!

Conor Callinan

MD The Printed Image