TPI have introduced TPI Box, a TPI branded client interface which easily allows the file transfer of large document between TPI and clients. Given the nature of our business, we are handling large files on an all too often basis. We deal in high res artwork making its way from the client to design and onto print multiple times per day. Added to that is our 100 strong workforce who’s primary source of file transfer is through email. The effects of the above on our servers was damaging, while trying to easily manage files was proving tedious.


To counteract the above and provide added value to our clients, TPI have launched TPI Box.

The benefits

Control Access to Folders/Files Instantly create shared folders for projects of any size, and control what each person has access to. Manage co-owners, editors and view-only collaborators in a few clicks.

Share Anywhere Create a secure link from anywhere – web, mobile or desktop. Access your TPI files anywhere on the go from this link. You don’t have to have access to your email to view files.

Large Upload Limit Tired of attaching documents to emails only to find that you have reached your limit. TPI Box counteracts this. Get your IT department off your back by choosing TPI Box.

Check out the video to see how it all works