Everyone loves a Tasting Stand. It’s a freebie and a chance for the consumer to have a little nibble or drink as they go about their day. Brands also love them because it’s a terrific opportunity to showcase their product and increase awareness among their target audience. However it is important to remember some home truths about what to do on the big day.

4 Hot Tips for Tasting Stands


Bring Your Mum

Ok, well not all the time but know your audience and bring an appropriate friend. If you are targeting Mums, well then bring your Mum. People will believe in your product if they are purchasing from someone of the same demographic.

Get To Know The Staff

Make a conscious effort to get to know the staff in-store. Who knows when you will need them or what you will need them for? Everything works best in harmony and this should be top of the agenda.

Enjoy Yourself

We get it. It’s a long day and you may not have eaten since 8am (provided you haven’t been samplying the samples). Remember to smile at the customer and greet them with a sense of enthusiasm. Body language is crucial and could be the difference of a sale.

Post. Share. Like.

The fun shouldn’t stop in-store. Get some really cool pics of your customers engaging with your stand and get the message out there. The more exposure you can get the better.

Remember. There is no better feeling than seeing a satisfied customer walk away from your stand. Make the most of the day and maximise the return you have made on your investment.

Call on TPI to help you with any tasting stand requirements. From design, build & implementation, we can take care of the lot, leaving you to concentrate on sales. It’s what we do best.

PS: Our friends over in www.zestmerchandise.ie specialise in really cool giveaways that you can hand out to prospects.

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