Plan on attending any trade shows over the next year? If so, we are sure you’re aware that space at these events does not come cheap. It is up to you to maximise the return on this spend and make sure you make as many of the right connections as possible. Here at TPI, we help clients stand out from the crowd with eye catching exhibition displays accompanied by first class giveaways by the guys in Zest Merchandise. Find below some tips to stand out at a trade show.

First of all your trade show display unit plays a large role in helping attendees determine if they stop by your booth or not. You can have the best sales pitch and a fantastic product but if your display isn’t attracting the attention of potential clients, the rest is a waste. Let’s have at how to give your trade show display a purpose. A purpose that will entice the masses to stop by

 Tips to Stand Out at a Trade Show

Use Informative Signage: Be sure to tell some kind of story in your sign. An attendee will assess all stands from a distance. Once you have the buyers’ attention, you need to tell them something. It is essential to inform the crowd of who you are and what you do. Remember not to clutter though. Be clear, concise, and clever with your messaging.

Special Discounts: Remember that the Trade Show attendees have also spent quite a bit of money to attend the event. Make them feel valued and offer a Trade Show discount. Segment them from the rest of your customers and give them a clear call to action. Make your company stand out from the rest.

Deliver on Different Fronts: Remember that no one method will work on all prospects. Some will expect to speak to a sales member, others will be happy with a brochure. Many people might be attracted towards a video message on a digital unit while many may be impressed by a clean and well organised Trade Show unit. Try and deliver on as many fronts as possible to increase the likelihood of success.

Promotional Materials: What makes a good giveaway at a Trade Show?

– Firstly, it needs to be cost effective. If you were giving away free iPads we are sure you’d be the most popular stand at the show. This obviously isn’t feasible for most organisations however.

– Second, it must be intriguing. It must be appealing and useful and not just an item that the recipient will dispose of given the first opportunity they have.

– Third, it must be branded. Your logo along with tagline & contact details is a must. Also, make sure all of your branded material and giveaways are consistently branded. Need some help with design? The guys in The Creative Works have you covered. 

TPI can handle all of your Trade Show requirements from concept to reality. From our structural engineering department, through to design and print, we can exceed expectations with one point of contact for your entire project. Our dedicated promotional merchandise division will then add the finishing touches with the overall objective of the project to not only attract people to the stand but to send them away with a smile.

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