TPI Group were delighted at being named a Deloitte best managed company on Friday at the Convention Centre. Colin Culliton, TPI Group CEO, has answered five questions on the back of the great recognition.

How does it feel to be named as a Deloitte Best Managed company for the 5th consecutive year?

We are delighted. While it is very nice to hear and receive, it is also surprising at times. Sometimes when you are up to your ears in day to day problems, with lots of it to solve, it doesn’t feel like it. However, it is a fact and last Friday TPI Group took our place as a Best Managed Company for the fifth year in a row.

What impact does having a Deloitte Best Managed gold standard badge have on your day to day running of your business?

The company has continued to grow since 2012 through what have been tough years for business. I believe the BMC mark has helped us to cement that progress. We have found that being a Deloitte BMC adds significantly to our credentials when presenting to prospects or clients. We have also used the BMC programme as a means to network and add to our customer base through reciprocal arrangements with fellow Best Managed Companies. Lastly it helps if you are on the acquisition trail as we are.


Longer term, has the process aided you in your strategy alignment for the business?

We intend on continuing to grow a superb group of clever marketing communications businesses, an idea that has evolved directly from the BMC process. We are well on our way to achieving this with five companies currently lying under the umbrella TPI Group brand. That has to be helped by Deloitte’s program and the thinking it makes you do each time.

What difference has this achievement had on your staff at The Printed Image?

It is a great piece of recognition for all the incredible work that is completed here in TPI. Staff alignment to your strategy is a strong requirement for BMC. Our involvement in the awards strengthened our belief that spending time and money on your people is a competitive advantage. The benefit of sticking to our guns and funding staff training and development when money was very tight here, is now showing with a flexible 120 strong workforce that, we feel, is the envy of our peers.

Have you any further thoughts on the Deloitte Best Managed?

Fair dues to a Big 4 company like Deloitte for delivering this. It has made us a better company over five years. We don’t work with Deloitte auditors or advisors so it really is based on merit