‘Colin, can you write a blog on what is it like to be fifty?’ ‘Not many of us have even contemplated such old age so it might be well read.’ So said my 27 year old (soon to be 28 he tells me) Online Marketing Guru on Thursday last.

So I am only 50 one week but I love a challenge from the young so here goes…

There are only a handful of people who really matter and peace comes from getting on well with every one of them.


Never put off a visit or a phone call to your parents for long. You could, like me, get your timing of the last one wrong and miss out a little.


People of all ages, and doing all sorts of jobs have wisdom,wit and something interesting to add to your life. Don’t miss out on it by rushing. 


Holding a grudge might make sense to you in your twenties and thirties but the longer you live the less you like doing it. 


Everyone handles successes pretty well. Failures are where you find out what sort of character you are.


There are lots of different ways to say thank you but Flowers,Chocolates, Ice Cream and Donuts work pretty well for me. 


There are lots of ways of saying you are sorry. But face to face and in visible distress makes it a lot more effective.  


Keep in contact with your old friends, even the ones who are not great at it themselves.


If you ever have the chance to work with young people just go do it. Their passion for life and energy remind you of what living is about.


Never turn down someone who wants to meet you for a cup of coffee. It can lead to all sorts of options you don’t have now, and you get a coffee. 


Helping others works better for you then helping yourself.  I find it is one of the best and most rewarding experiences you can have in life. 


Travel early and travel often. You can’t but learn from it and you remember the holidays and trips away far more then the bits in-between.


The worse attitude you can have in business or in life is ‘Been there, bought the T shirt’. Everything changes, sometimes in just hours. 


When drinking alcohol, the reason shorts are called shorts in because you are only supposed to have small amounts of them.  


Sometimes just out-lasting the other guy is a Unique Selling Point. So if you don’t have a family motto, Never Give Up works for me. 


In business salesmanship is hugely over rated. The whole customer experience is far more important the the sales skills that made it happen.  


In business never show a poor attitude to those working around you. Your team is your team and you fight side by side against all comers like brothers, with faults and all.  


Buying 3 things you don’t need for the price of 2 things you don’t need is still bad value. But if you are like me it is bloody hard to avoid.   


History matters. 


Marketing works.


Signs work. I went into a pub in Liverpool that had a sign: A pint, a chicken salad sandwich and a kind word from the Barman for only £6. When I was served the pint and sambo in complete silence I asked the barman for the kind word. He stopped, thought of a moment and said ‘don’t eat the sandwich’.       


Terrorists are not clever people. If they wanted to cripple the West and make us pay attention they should attack the Coffee and Chocolate supply. Or hit a Dublin Wine Warehouse or maybe the brew house in St James Gate…. 


Sunscreen is indeed vital and all that. But it only works where it is applied properly everywhere. Missing a bit makes for painful evenings if you have Irish skin.


Facebook and the rest are all grand but real life is better. I would prefer to drive a nice car then to read about one. 


 Your best mates are the ones you can banter with within 2 minutes of meeting them, even if it has been 20 years without seeing them.


The world is full of nutters, like yourself or different ones, but some people are better at showing themselves then others.  


Your Country can be slagged off constantly but only by your fellow countrymen. 


 Life is a wonderful gift with a undefined length to it. One not really values it until it is threatened or taken away from us. 


 If you ask a very young person who is lost and in distress what their Mother’s name is, they will always say ‘Mummy’. 


Having birthdays, even ones with big double digit numbers in them sure beats the alternative hands down.