For me, I get huge job satisfaction when a client from days gone by drops in for a coffee. Maybe it’s a sign of my age, but I find the people that backed you with their hard fought budgets, when you needed it most, start to seem even more important in the rear view mirror.

Sharon Yourell Lawlor, Shopper Marketing Guru, and a leader behind the TWIG organisation, was a client of both Marksell and The Printed Image. We worked together when she was in GSK and then again in Britvic. Sharon always knew exactly what she needed, which we liked. She always wanted creativity, which we loved, and had in abundance. As long as you delivered on the brief, on time and within her budget, you were allowed to use your own judgement on what would work best for her brands in store.

One of my favourite projects out of hundreds we did together was to take a 7UP ‘Nature is Closer than you Think’ TV campaign and bring it alive with in-store theatre. Something not very common in the early noughties! We had the chance, thanks to Musgraves, PepsiCo and Britvic to work with aisle ends in some Supervalu flagship stores. The brief was to innovate with the jungle theme to help her drive uplift in these hand-picked, heavy footfall outlets. We used props including 3D lemons and limes, long plastic vines, lots of die cuts, even huge eye-popping floor graphics! The Full Monty of POS was on show and it proved really effective. We succeeded so well together that the Retailers offered extra aisle ends as they wanted that colour pop elsewhere in their stores.

Sharon and her team ended up winning The Printed Image a Silver POPAI Award in the UK, such was the success of that collaboration. As always, Sharon was quick to pass the praise on to others, but it was her brave first briefing meeting with me, her constant encouragement and resolve to push boundaries and her passion that drove our team to arrive at the finished suite and to deliver the resulting uplift she needed.

Anyway, it was lovely catching up with Sharon today. Thank you for dropping in to see us at The Printed Image, we all hope your busy summer on the home front will bring you and yours a lot of joy.

Colin Culliton,