What form of advertising can be accomplished 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is not surrounded by programming or photographs, and can be targeted to reach a specific audiences?

Outdoor advertising! 


Outdoor advertising  targets consumers on a daily basis whether it be driving to work or walking to your local shop, or simply catching the bus on the way to town, it includes  items such as tear drop / feather flags, posters, vinyl graphics, car / van vinyl’s, billboards, bus stop signs, corri boards, escalator branding and many more.

Billboards and outdoor posters are effective in reaching urban consumers. Some consumers may even state that this type of advertising would catch their attention compared to any other form of advertising. Identifying areas within cities for an outdoor campaign will help advertisers to boost the exposure and awareness of their brands. Furthermore, with usage of public transport increasing and set to continue growing in the coming years, the out-of-home sector offers brands significant potential.

We here at the Printed Image can offer a wide variety of outdoor advertising and would love to hear from you if you’d like us to help make outdoor signage work for your business in 2019.