PJ Carroll came to us with a brief around two new brands for launch in Ireland into the vaping / e-cigarette market, Cirro and 10 Motives. The objective was to introduce these new brands into the market through leveraging experiential opportunity open to the brand and in store. The secondary objective was to increase knowledge and awareness around vaping and e-cigarette products to adult vapers and smokers looking to make the switch.
To meet the instore brief, The Printed Image rolled out a broad range of POS materials from cash mats and wobblers to leaflet holders and shelf defenders. The kits were substantial and so really worked to increase the brands visibility in trade. We also produced both consumer leaflets and retailer booklets to advise and inform people of the range of products and how they work. It was important to get the retailers behind the initiative and equip them with the tools to sell in store.

PJ Carroll expressed a desire for innovative ways to showcase their product. So, together with our sister company Shoon, we produced branded rotary units and also modular boxes which can be used as singular pieces or together, depending on where you want to use them.

With the new products in trade, it was time to take them on the road with their own mobile festival unit. The Printed Image, along with Shoon, produced branded charging tables so that adult festival goers could charge their phones while taking time out and were provided with the opportunity to learn more about the Cirro and 10 Motives products. The mobile unit also included branded podium tables, display pieces, a light box and tear drop flags. The festival roadshow looked fantastic and drew a lot of attention from a captive audience.
We were delighted to have worked with PJ Carroll on this initiative which was a step into a new way of working for both of us. Even better, the consumer reaction has been overwhelmingly positive making for a happy client!