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Any large organisation with multiple buyers or operating in multiple locations can benefit greatly from our Web2Print service. Each location has the ability to order and customise their printed requirements, within the specified design and brand constraints, themselves. Whether you are a SME or a large multi-national, consistency in branding and collateral is imperative to the success of your marketing. This is where a Web2Print portal service is invaluable.





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One of the added benefits of most Web2Print services is that the user interface can be tailored to the client’s exact requirements. It automatically books a job into the print system, creates print ready artwork and processes everything up to the print stage. It is an additional benefit that client administrators can monitor activity with real-time reports and visibility on work in progress, order history or detailed analytic reporting on account spend in key areas of the business. The advantages of using a Web2Print solution are many and here are just a few of them…

  • Branded client Web2Print portal
  • Streamlined admin allowing localised ordering online in minutes.
  • Brand Management with preapproved templates allowing brands to control content.
  • Localised users can customise, approve and place orders for products instantly online.
  • Brand consistency is managed as areas of templates remain consistent throughout but allow for controlled customisation for branch offices or franchisees.
  • Streamlined transfer of data resulting in shipping, purchasing and personalised billing integration with third party software providers.
  • Cost savings on admin and obsolesence.
  • Faster turnaround and automated order processing at The Printed Image.

Proof Made Easy

TPI’s Proof Made Easy is an online proofing solution for marketing teams of any size in any industry who need to deliver design projects faster and more efficiently. Proofs are shared via the cloud based application and can be distributed among different members of the marketing team. Individuals can collaboratively proof instantly online anytime, anywhere, even when out of the office. Creative services, merchandising, advertising and content coordinators get real-time views of feedback and approval status to keep projects on track.

  • No more emails
  • No more Pdf’s
  • Collaborative comments
  • See what other people have said
  • Save time on changes
  • Save costs – less proofs, less cost


TPI have introduced TPI Box, a TPI branded client interface which easily allows the file transfer of large documents between TPI and clients. Given the nature of our business, we are handling large files on an all too often basis. We deal in high res artwork making its way from the client to design and onto print multiple times per day. Added to that is our 100 strong workforce who’s primary source of file transfer is through email. The effects of the above on our servers was damaging, while trying to easily manage files was proving tedious. To counteract the above and provide added value to our clients, TPI have launched TPI Box.


  • CONTROL ACCESS TO FOLDERS/FILES – Instantly create shared folders for projects of any size, and control what each person has access to. Manage co-owners, editors and view-only collaborators in a few clicks.
  • SHARE ANYWHERE – Create a secure link from anywhere – web, mobile or desktop. Access your TPI files anywhere on the go from this link. You don’t have to have access to your email to view files.
  • LARGE UPLOAD LIMIT – Tired of attaching documents to emails only to find that you have reached your limit? TPI Box has extremely large upload limits.