At our Head Office and production facility, Font House, our results focused team are dedicated to improving our environment through our own work internally and in the raw materials and process used in production of the products we supply to our clients.

  • We have a long term policy of recycling any waste produced during the printing process.
  • We have committed to continually looking for cleaner, greener ways of producing our product.
  • We offer our customers the facility of recycling any unused print and POS we produce FREE of charge.
  • We can offer our customers various options with regard to material. We’d be happy to discuss the options further with you. Or you can download or view our presentation for further information
  • Where possible we use ink that has constituents originating from renewable sources.

We are in the initial stages of providing all of our customers with the option of choosing recycled stocks for each order.

When finalised on our Management Information System, recycled alternatives will be shown as an option on the estimate to encourage our customers to go Green!

We operate the ‘Power of Ten’ campaign internally since Sustainable Energy Ireland launched their Power of One energy efficiency campaign a few years back. This group of ten people from across our company meets regularly to develop strategies for reminding us of our ‘power’ – what we can do to develop new work habits with energy efficiency in mind. For tips for your own business it’s worth looking at their website. http://www.seai.ie/Your_Business/