International Mother Earth day falls on the 22nd of April each year. 2019 marks the 49th year since its beginning in  1970. Its was started in America where people took to the street to protest against the negative effects on 150 years of industrial development. Today, over 1 billion people across 192 countries, take part in the largest civic focused day of action in the world.

Some of our larger clients now actively take part in celebrating and encouraging Mother Earth Day, running eco friendly competitions and giving Eco Friendly and sustainable gifts to staff. We are definitely seeing a huge up lift of interest with these products and see how conscious companies have become of the materials they and their staff use, unnecessary waste, etc.

When looking at Eco Friendly products we can sort them in two ways.

1 – Eco friendly materials: These are made from Bio Degradable materials that break down naturally whilst not being harmful.

2 – Sustainable and reusable products: These products are not made from bio degradable materials however they are created with the intent of reducing daily waste

Eco Friendly Material

 Bio Pen – Pens are made from Bio Degradable material and also comes with seeds in the cap which is an innovative way to encourage and support World Earth Day

Appeel Notebook – Notebooks made from apple pulp that is ground and emulsified into an organic paper, with an Eco-peel cover. Sustainable and all natural. Organic to the core

Bio take away cups and water bottlesThese products are made from bio-based raw material (sugar cane)

Sustainable and reusable products

Take Away Style Mug – Whilst this material is not Eco Friendly it created with the aim to reduce usage of single use disposable cups.

Cotton Shopper Bag – Similar to the take away mugs these are not Eco friendly but they are created to reduce the use of plastic deposable bags.

If you would like to join the other Eco conscious companies and the 1 billion people celebrating, showcasing and encouraging Mother Earth day 2019 with some Eco Friendly branded merchandise you can contact us here in TPI.