The past few weeks have seen the rarest of occurrences on our small island – a heatwave!  It’s also the hottest period since 1976.  Yes, we are a nation obsessed by the weather…

Sorry to rain on your parade (!) but have you realised that it’s just over 5 months to Christmas? OK we know it’s lots of time for the regular joe, but in the business community, it really is time to get those Santa thinking caps on and to start planning your Christmas marketing campaign.

With a longer lead time, you can create a completely bespoke product at a much lower cost – thus nurturing a healthy relationship between the marketing and finance teams!

Below are just some seasonal ideas that we in The Printed Image have worked on in the past – hopefully, it will give you some inspiration to get planning your own festive promotion.


Christmas Knitwear

Yes – we’ve done lots of jumpers, but did you know that we can also create your own design in knitted hats, scarves and gloves – either separately or as a very desirable gift pack? In this age of social media, we think that a highly visible online campaign could be built around wearing and ‘tagging’.

Christmas Baubles

Baubles are a great low-cost giveaway and appeal to a wide demographic.  With lots of styles, shapes and colours there is one to suit any brand. They are also highly collectable and will show your message year on year – what a great return on your investment!

Standard Catalogue Items ‘Tweaked’

Sometimes all it takes is a little twist on a stock product to make it unique.  By taking a catalogue item and manufacturing it in your corporate colour or with your own bespoke packaging it’s simple to make a Christmas gift that shines a bit brighter! Quantities are less than you think so please ask us for more details.

 We know this is a bit of a hard sell, but when clients come to us in October seeking Christmas time deliveries, they end up looking a bit like me on Christmas morning 1983 when I didn’t get the Cabbage Patch Kid Don’t be like me this Christmas, be prepared!