I recently paid my annual visit to PSI in Dusseldorf – the largest trade show in Europe for the promotional products industry. It takes place over 3 days with 1,804 exhibitors showing over 6 halls and is truly a feast for the senses – filled with creativity and inspiration, live performances and product labs at many of the stands.

It’s a dynamic start to the new year as the exhibition is all about highlighting what’s new and on trend in the world of promotions.A mega-trend for 2019 is the whole area of sustainability.  Conscious lifestyle products are growing in popularity. These are items that replace single use ones due to their longer life span – obvious examples would be re-usable coffee cups and shopping bags.  There are also lots of products made from recycled material and ones that are easily recyclable.  Bamboo and sugar cane products are increasingly popular as they are completely biodegradable.

Technology is also another huge sector in the world of promotions.  Wireless charging is a big trend for this year, and we are seeing lots of dual-function products that encompass this such as portfolios, speakers and notebooks.

Digital printing is really coming to the fore for 2019.  There is a far greater range of products that are capable of being branded in all-over full colour and for much lower quantities and shorter lead times.  Great examples would be notebooks, sports clothing and toweling items. This is the year when it is now more achievable to have a completely customised product!

Every show sees the promo essentials on full display – pens, notebooks, lanyards and mugs to name but a few.  This year brings a few fresh twists on some old favourites. We can now get special shape pen clips, pantone matched mugs and page edge printing on notebooks. It is not broke why fix it? – But hey, no harm to jazz it up a little!

Of course, the PSI Show wouldn’t be the same without the weird and wacky ideas… Anyone for custom shape pasta?  Or what about a giant pipe cleaner gizmo to clean your car vent? Or a lanyard-type object that helps ladies zip up their dresses at the back? Perhaps one of these will be a big seller in the next 12 months.  You read it here first..All in all, it’s a show well worth visiting.  We here in The Printed Image would love to hear from you if you’d like us to help make promotional products work for your business in 2019.

– Adreinne Stone





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