Nissan Driving School at Tayto Park

There are so many great projects that we get to work on in TPI and this is a fine example where a really fun attraction has been brought to life through indoor and outdoor signage.
Our client Allen Creative Ltd approached us to undertake the production and installation of the full branding of The Nissan Driving School in Tayto Park in Ashbourne Co Meath.
The Nissan Driving School has been set up to give kids a chance to have their first hands-on driving experience in a safe environment. Kids attending the Nissan Driving School will get an opportunity to learn about the rules of the road and watch an introductory film before setting off in small, battery-powered Nissan cars.

Up to 20 aspiring drivers can take part at any one time and at the end of their driving session, the children receive their own driving licence!

TPI initially surveyed the site, analysing various installation points where bold, creative visuals would create a fun and exciting environment for the kids as they start their induction before getting into the driving seat.

A mix of materials were recommended for each area to our client. Once all was agreed and visuals were signed off the production team moved into action and produced an array of printed materials from large metal signs to wall vinyls, stand alone plastic cars, flags and information cards.

The anticipation of seeing the finished pieces up for all to see was palpable as the installation team then moved in to take over the final part of the project.

With a lot of hard work and many hours spent on site, the team dressed the entrance to The School, internal and external walls, display cabinets, the interactive theatre, shop and the filling station canopy on the track to finally bring the Driving School to life. We’re delighted with the final result and delighted to think we’ve played a part in developing the next generation of safe drivers!