Nothing beats working with big brands on big ideas for big campaigns. They don’t come much bigger than Heinz Beanz celebrating ‘50 years’.


To develop a new brand identity for Heinz Beanz ’50 Years’. Heinz Beanz needed a creative that would connect with the consumer, staying true to the brand while communicating this very special landmark.

Heinz Beanz also wanted stand-out point of sale theatre that would attract the consumer and increase the % of impulse sales in-store.



The TPI design studio developed a ’50 Years’ lock up that incorporated the Heinz Beanz brand identity, complimenting the core Heinz Beanz message of ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ and introducing the celebration of 50 Years in business.

The Printed Image also structurally designed a bespoke Dump Bin unit, playing with the lid of Heinz Beanz in a clever way that showcased the ’50 Years’ of Heinz Beanz at eye level with the consumer. TPI also engineered a Free Standing Display Unit that had a number of raised elements for impact on the header and also alongside the side of the units.


Category 4% ahead of May average


Heinz +21% for 4 weeks activity

Return On Investment Matters

The campaign was rolled out across a number of in-store formats including showcase FSDU’s, Ladder Racks, Dump Bins and Gondola Ends.

The sales results for the 4 weeks we ran the activity were –

– Heinz Beanz share growth in all customers.

– Category 4% ahead of May average. Heinz +21% for 4 weeks activity.

– Heinz penetration of 16.4% strongest since Dec 2015 (average 14.0%).

Heinz Beanz chose the ’50 Years’ design for rollout ahead of that composed by their UK agency. The creative was also used in the window of their famous pop-up shop in Dublin & Cork, execution organised by a 3rd party agency. Heinz Beanz Cafe dished up delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner to hungry passers-by. All the food was free, customers just had to “pay for their beanz by social meanz” by Tweeting or Instagramming.