The Printed Image & Runway team up for Lucozade Sport

Brief – Develop an in-store Rate of Sale campaign encouraging consumers to choose Lucozade Sport over competing brands whilst leveraging the opportunity to capatilise on consumers New Years Resolutions.
Execution – The Printed Image along with sister agency Runway Marketing ran an insured promotion offering the public a chance to win a fitbit every 90 minutes. The overall promotion ran across outdoor via 6 Sheets, 96 sheets ,T sides ,Citylights, Adtowers and the offer was communicated via a suite of POS including FSDU’s, Shelf Wobblers, posters and clings. Consumers were directed to a purpose built Microsite to complete their entry.
Result – The promotion ran from the 9th of January to the 6th of February, with incremental entry levels week on week.



“This was the most successful shopper activation Lucozade Sport has run in a very long time. The link up with fitbit brokered by Runway worked exceptionally well. Having The Printed Image and Runway teams working in tandem made for a seamless and very well managed experience. Sourcing the Premia, developing and managing the microsites for Republic and Northern Ireland, developing and printing POS and Printing some of the outdoor and path to purchase elements under one roof delivered brilliant alignment. Lucozade Sport Volume was up 39% on the same period last year. A great start to the year.”

Philip Keenan, Marketing Manager
Lucozade Sport


Point Of Sale