The Printed Image ‘WOW’ Paddy Power Betfair

Paddy Power Betfair are known for having one of the best customer service teams in the industry. Towards the end of 2015, they embarked on a mission to capture what values defined their customer service team and to build a campaign around it. Different stakeholders analysed the customer service offering along with reviewing the core strategy and mission statement of the organisation. A ‘Customer Commitments’ campaign targeting Paddy Power Betfair customer service staff titled ‘WE WOW PUNTERS’ was derived from the results.

The team identified Valentine’s Day as a launch date. A relevant tie in with love. A campaign logo was designed which cleverly plays on how the team not only love but also ‘wow’ their customers. Each team member received a goodie bag containing hand warmers, stress balls, lanyards and some delicious chocolates. All were practical items they could get value from during the working day. Posters supplied by The Printed Image were strategically placed around the customer service team in a bid to raise awareness of the campaign.

The campaign was fun and rewarding to employees but the message was key. The importance that Paddy Power Betfair place on customer service shines through and their willingness to communicate this with employees demonstrates their persistence in achieving excellence.

The Printed Image team played a fundamental role in our Customer Commitments campaign launch. They showed great patience as our requirements changed and they were very flexible which is what we needed. Their creativity and innovation played a key role in the success of the campaign.

James Fogarty

People Development Coordinator, Paddy Power Betfair