For the last few years The Printed Image have had the pleasure of producing the Louis Copeland & Sons Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Brochure. This has always been a pleasure to produce as we love working with the Louis Copeland & Sons team and developing high end, premium brochures.

This year, Louis, as brand visionary, alongside the marketing team, had the idea of stepping out of the typical brochure spec for Spring/Summer 2018. At first, we were hesitant. The thinking was a little leftfield of a typical premium printed item. But, we could recognise the same desire in Louis to consciously evolve the Louis Copeland & Sons brochure and marketing materials to support the S/S 18 campaign in the same way his appetite exists to evolve and develop the Louis Copeland & Sons brand. We spoke about the look and feel that Louis envisaged and discussed the options to bring this to life.

Together, we looked at various materials and sizes, whilst keeping lead times top of mind at all times, that would deliver this new Newspaper style specification. There were many iterations, but the final spec was a 48pp, 90gsm uncoated material trimmed to size and stitched with a perforated voucher on the cover.

It was a hugely enjoyable process to work on from start to finish seeing the evolution from the brochure to a newspaper. I am sure that we can all agree that not only does this look great and showcase the Louis Copeland & Sons range beautifully but it also shows how in order to stand out from the crowd you need to take a chance, be bold and try something new.

Here, at The Printed Image, we are strong believers that being successful is the result of hard graft and a solid vision. Louis Copeland & Sons is a case in point with this as is evidenced with the Spring/Summer 18 newspaper. Louis Copeland & Sons as a brand is happy and confident to go against perceived norms and try something new. We wholeheartedly believe this works, we hope you think so too!