The Printed Image are delighted to announce that they have been named as finalists for 3 Print Awards. See some details of the jobs below

Brochure of The Year – Louis Copeland & Sons


Louis Copeland & Sons is a brand synonymous with fine tailored clothing and high end men’s fashion in Ireland. It is recognised worldwide for its excellent level of service and has been in business for over 100 years.

Top class customer service, quality and bespoke measurement are three traits that Louis organisation pride themselves on. Even so great businesses sometimes need to make their own luck. So Louis had an idea to better market his business and he asked The Printed Image for help.

It was essential for Louis Copeland to communicate their quality A/W 2014 range in a premium brochure that was tasteful, beautiful and functioned well. TPI deliver this sort of product. Another key reason for choosing The Printed Image was to keep the production totally Irish. The brochure proudly displays “Printed in Ireland by The Printed Image” on page 3. Louis also likes the direct approach and dealing with the actual manufacturer worked for him.

The first class design and photography work by Lars Beusker and Asa Barrington justified a quality finish. The 5 colour Heildelberg Press we use on all litho jobs here is the perfect platform for achieving this objective. Such was the attention to detail shown by Louis Copeland & Sons that TPI facilitated a visit to our HQ for the editor Niamh Brazil to press pass the brochure as it made its way through the production and foiling stage.

This high level of input from the client, while not normally required, demonstrated the excellent attention to detail that the project demanded and received, from concept to reality. Louis Copeland & Sons are a quality operation and were intent on ensuring an excellent quality job matching their brand values.

In total, 30,000 quality brochures were produced, with 12,000 being distributed via The Irish Times. TPI were delighted to be involved in the prestigious project. Sometimes in business you need to be proactive. To sell more rain coats maybe you need to make it rain. Louis is an outstanding example to all Irish business people. He doesn’t wait for good things to happen. He acts to drive his business. He makes his own luck.

The feedback is that footfall, customer calls and sales were way up since the Brochure went out. The team in Louis Copeland’s are delighted with the response. They used us again for their summer 2015 brochure.


Innovation of The Year – Bulmers On-Trade Box


The Printed Image were approached by Runway Marketing on behalf of Magners to create a box to hold showcard bottles that Magners could use on trade. The promotion was for Bulmers cider with different flavours. Premia items were held within the box and the lid of the box doubled up as a tray. This neat double use of the lid allowed on-trade promotional staff to walk around and promote the product on the go.


Large Format – Guinness Display


TAG approached TPI on behalf of Guinness for ideas for a Rugby promotion. The TPI structural engineer team had a think and proposed 6 separate ideas to the client. The winner was a cb flute Case Tidy unit with a 3D Rugby Ball on top. The unit emphasised how simplicity works with in-store theatre and the rollout ensured Guinness got great traction within trade.


Wish us luck on the night folks.