Name of Piece: Wet Rock 2
From Collection: Rainlith
Artist: Karen Wright

From the artist:
-lith (geology) denoting types of stone.


My current body of work, titled Rainlith, is made up of a series of paintings that engage with images of rocks and depictions of weather fronts. This body of paintings has somewhat been fuelled by restricted access to travel during Covid.

This restriction meant I had to take a closer look at nature and the possibilities of nature as a source.

These two natural elements are paradoxically related, in that they are both characteristics of nature, but one is solid and fixed and the other is transitional and fleeting.

These coexisting natural elements are treated differently as paintings.

The depictions of the rocks are structured and somewhat representative and the depictions of the weather fronts are fluid, abstract and gestural.

The works reflect upon the interconnectedness of these two naturally occurring phenomenon, the weather fronts effect the formation of the rock structures.

Each painting is built up using layers of paint, the underlying colour, shapes or grids are visible in the finished work.

The aspiration is that these layers in the paintings are slowly revealed. These paintings reflect the layers of association and felt experience that shape one’s perception of landscape.