Sustainability, “Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”

Sustainability has grown from a murmuring to a full -blown battle cry and many companies are now looking to communicate this message through their goods and services.

Here at TPI we have been looking at how we can work with our clients to help them deliver on this pledge by offering a variety of sustainable products both in print and promotional merchandise.

From a print collateral perspective, we offer FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standard paper originating from managed forests ensuring that for each tree cut down, a new one is planted.

There is also the option for clients who wish to go one step further of using fully recycled paper stock. Vegetable inks are also available when printing materials lithographically.


In the Point of Sale area, clients can also choose from recycled plastic to use for free standing point of sale and on shelf POS, and most of the corrugated board that is used is recycled.

When it comes to promotional merchandise companies are now looking to capitalize on the reduction of plastics in daily life and solutions like bamboo cups, jute bags and bio pens are the ideal items to communicate that message and more and more brands wish to be visible on these types of merchandise.


Sustainability is now a common term in everyday life, we are here to help and can suggest wide ranging solutions for your business.