The Printed Image first became a Deloitte Best Managed Company (BMC) in 2012, requalifying in both 2013 and 2014. As it is our fourth year, we underwent the qualification process again from scratch, and we are delighted to have qualified as a Gold Standard winner. The reason the Deloitte award appeals to us is because it is a team award that goes only to companies that lead in their own area of business. We felt that if we could win and retain the award, it would help TPI internally and externally, and I think it really has.

Colin Culliton

The business has continued to grow since 2012 through what have been tough years for business. I believe the BMC mark has helped us to cement that progress. We have found that being a Deloitte BMC adds significantly to our credentials when presenting to prospects or clients. We have also used the BMC programme as a means to network and add to our customer base through reciprocal arrangements with fellow Best Managed Companies.

A new more dynamic, better managed company has emerged with a better culture, where change is embraced and pushing harder has become part of everyday life. TPI continues to outperform our peers to move forward and we are constantly pushing beyond our targets. We are now focusing on the strategic direction of the business for the next three years, bringing us to 2018. We set top-line turnover and profitability goals, with a vision of the group we want to build. We have also agreed a set of targets for the business and an outline of the steps we need to take in order to achieve them. This has seen us purchase a boutique Below The Line marketing agency called Runway Marketing and set up a specialised permanent pop-fitting company.

We intend to grow a group of clever marketing communications businesses, an idea that has evolved directly from the BMC process. Staff alignment to your strategy is, for example, a strong requirement for BMC. Our involvement in the awards strengthened our belief that spending time and money on your people is a competitive advantage, even in a recession. The benefit of sticking to our guns and funding staff training and development when money was very tight here, is now showing with a flexible 110-strong workforce that, we feel, is the envy of our peers. We have a goal – a picture of success – for TPI, and the top team here is 100 per cent.

Colin Culliton

CEO, The Printed Image