The TPI Premiums Team paid an early New Year visit to PSI 2015 in Dusseldorf, the leading European Trade Show of the Promotional Products Industry. The show featured 873 exhibitors from 38 nations and welcomed an estimated 16,000 visitors from 85 countries over 3 days.  The purpose of our visit was to investigate the trends and innovations happening within our industry, keeping TPI Premiums at the very forefront of the promotions market.

psi 1

Having arrived on the red-eye flight, we headed straight for the show and partook of some free breakfast, strong coffee in branded paper cups plus some yummy personalised cookies!  We experienced first-hand the power of promotional refreshments. Feeling rejuvenated, we headed on our merry way.

The show is spread out over 4 halls with each hall roughly divided into 4 sections – clothing, product, sensory and inventions.  The sheer scale of the halls demands full concentration, high energy levels and flat shoes!!!  We were given a shoulder bag to house samples and catalogues, plus we had our TPI branded notebook and pen to take notes.  Once again, we realised the essential nature of the exhibition hand-out.


The show featured all of the largest distributors in Europe who showcased the best of their new products for 2015.  Power banks, notebooks and water bottles featured quite strongly along with fitness products and very colourful clothing.  There were also huge stands featuring just pens and lanyards. Who knew that the choice was so vast?

psi 3

A visit to PSI whilst highly informative, is also a fun experience.  We get to see the weird and wonderful ideas that our European counterparts sell, there were lots of products that were quite particular to their market. Branded salami anyone?

At the end of our visit we were enlightened but exhausted. Luckily we passed a stand that sold deck chairs and bean bags so we managed a little rest!  A quick blast of customised foot spray plus a couple of printed mints and we were as good as new.

Adrienne Stone

TPI Premiums