“When you need to organise a sizeable one day event involving World Class Motivators like Tony Robbins and  3200 VIP guests it is vital you deal with experts who get things right first time. 

TPI offered their many and various services to us for The Pendulum Summit 2016. My team engaged with them on Creative Design, Artwork, Press Ads, a lot of Print, some Publicity Gifts and various other Marketing materials over a number of months prior to the big day. Everything we got from TPI worked as well as it looked. 

Even up to late in the evening prior the event they were helping us ensure that things went right on the day. We had our most successful Summit on the 8/1/16. TPI played their part fully in helping us sell out completely and then helped us to make our day unique. 

I would highly recommend the TPI team to anyone who rates excellent Marketing Communications as highly as we do here.”

Frankie Sheahan – Founder & Event Director – The Pendulum Summit


Have you ever attended an event, sat in your chair, listened to the speaker for a couple of minutes, focused your mind elsewhere and counted down the minutes until the coffee interval? It’s safe to say, with Tony Robbins in the room this will NEVER happen.

As proud partners to the Pendulum Summit, it was an early start for some members of TPI Group. The morning consisted of placing 3,000 brochures on 3,000 chairs and setting up the TPI exhibition stand. A terrific opportunity to capture the attention of the delegates who entered the Convention Centre with a view to opening their mind to new ideas.

I have to be honest, prior to TPI partnering with the Pendulum Summit, I had never heard of Tony Robbins. After a quick Google, I realised that he had worked with some of the biggest names in business e.g. Richard Branson and Bill Clinton. I had a quick look at some YouTube videos of Robbins encouraging his audience to jump up and down while expecting them to shout empowering phrases into each other’s ear.

These scenes ran through my head as I witnessed each delegate shuffle into the Convention Centre. Would this Irish crowd react in the same vain as our neighbours across the Atlantic to Robbins? Would people be comfortable expressing themselves so passionately with work colleagues that they have to face on Monday morning? You bet they would. My doubts were quickly put to bed within 15 minutes of Robbins coming onto the stage. The crowd were bouncing up and down with scenes mirroring those of a rock concert as opposed to a corporate conference. Things even progressed to the point where he encouraged delegates to give each other back massages, shouting at them to “tell them if you want it hard or soft”. “Make a little noise if it feels good”. The Irish crowd were loving it…

It wasn’t all fun and games however with key lifestyle tips on how to tackle stress in work and manage relationships striking a chord with many in attendance. A particular emphasis was placed on gratitude with the thought process of ‘focus on what you have and not what your missing’ playing a prevalent role.


TPI Group were delighted to contribute to the day. On a Monday morning, whispers of the Friday event are running through the building, people elaborately telling each other about what they have learned and how they plan on using what Tony Robbins provided to better themselves. Like many New Year’s resolutions, it will be interesting to see how long these aspirations last however one thing is for sure, Tony Robbins has made his impact!!

Amanda Zest
The Printed Image along with Zest Merchandise provided promotional merchandise and printed materials for the event. Should you need help with an upcoming event, just give us a shout on 01 408 9222 or email enquiries@tpi.ie

Cathal O’ Reilly

Marketing Manager @ TPI Group