If your looking for your company to stand out and to make sure you make an instant impact, a pull up banner is a brilliant choice. Pull up banners stand out whether you’re at an event and want to grab the attention of all those who pass by or you’re using it in a reception area to showcase for clients who come and go.

A pull up banner is quite a popular and convenient type of advertising. They retract in and out of the stand- creating a big effect when on display. If you really want to grab the attention of passer byers and maximize the effect, you’ll need to choose the design carefully. Here are 6 creative tips for designing the best possible roller banner.

There are several tips you need to understand to create the best /most rememberable pull up banner, here are some of those tips


Placement is key when creating the pull up banner. Know your area on where the banner will be on displayed. For example, in a reception area the full banner will be on display meaning more design/information can be incorporated. Bear in mind if presenting the pull up banner at an event there could be obstacles in the way which would hide some areas on the design for ex; a chair or table in the way blocking the bottom area of the banner. Know your location.

Less is more

This pretty much speaks for itself. Don’t over crowd the pull up banner with too much colors /text or silly information. Keep it simple and leave the customer/client intrigued to go visit the website.


The images are a vital element for your pull up banner, they draw attention to your brand. Keep all images high quality which will reflect well with the company portraying professionalism. Try aim for at least 300 dpi.

Be visible

Let them know who you are. Get your name out there with contact details of your company. Don’t be afraid to use different colors, stand out from the crowd. Be bold. Your aim is to be noticed. Make sure all information is clear for the audience to see.