In the competitive world of print the importance of proper workflow cannot be overstated.

For many years in TPI we have developed workflow systems to cope with client demand and have found that it has become extremely important to react quickly to our clients needs.

Today’s culture with the advent of smartphones and internet technology means that as a supplier we can no longer be afforded the time we had in the past to react to market needs.

As a consequence of this turnaround time for projects seems to shrink as time goes on.

Since be beginning of the year we have had visits from the team from Tharstern, notably Keith Sadler who has spent training days with Myself and David Kelly in Estimating Team to begin with and it is still an ongoing process with Keith paying a further visit to us towards the end of this month to iron out any further issues we have with the system before it goes live.

This week we have Mark Whitby from Print Pa who is an expert user of Tharstern and in conjunction with the people at Tharstern he has being a major aid to us as a consultant on how to utilise the system to the best of our ability.

This is only the beginning of this undertaking and it will take time to get all aspect of our workflow system free of all the current pinch points we have.

As a consequence of this turnaround time for projects seems to shrink as time goes on.

The virtual world seems to be driving the need for the physical world to move faster that it ever has in the past.

To help combat this TPI has embarked on a major upgrade on it’s Tharstern  software from top to bottom. Although we have had upgrades on Tharstern since is was first installed in 2005 this current upgrade we are undertaking will be a major overhaul of our current system and will affect how every employee in the company carries out their daily tasks.

Once we are up and running in a few months time we should see a more transparent and efficient workflow which will be able to capture real time information, eliminate errors and overall reduce costs.